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Company Profile

Sourcing, Supply, and Solutions

Hachimori’s center of activity is the distribution of Raw Ingredients to the Home Care Personal Care and Nutraceutical Industry.

Our plan of action is to become the preferred solution provider within the HPC Industry, to which we offer, delivery of an extensive diversity of exceptional ingredients, thorough market comprehension and customized solutions.

Hachimori commits to paramount supply chain execution and well-founded partners around the globe to collaborate in proper provision of clinical, technical and theoretical support, to attain/acquire the HPC Industry’s confidence.

Hachimori International Inc. is an affiliate of 8Sources Inc. (


Hachimori to channel/conduct valuable and Dynamic Innovations, Business sustainability and Polished solutions.

Trade evolution and Business development pioneer.

Business management distinction.


Hachimori’s aspiration is to emerge as a notable forerunner in the HPC Industry.

Our Team of professionals and technical assembly will convey exemplary completion in employing business information, innovation and applicable solution.

Conclusion of advantage in service provision and augmented acquisition for our business partners.